Our Value Proposition


Cast in situ systems, are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated modular load-bearing construction systems. They are a monolithic structure created by filling the entire structure with concrete or proprietary mix.

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Quality Management System

At AMDC, we have simplified our construction processes into three key stages – Design, Construction and Delivery. Each of these stages go through a rigorous Quality Control and Assurance process to ensure that...

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Local & International Affiliations

As a contemporary Real Estate company, our approach to design, development, research, and management draws strongly from a pool of systems backed by technology. To deliver this to the market, we have...

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How We Add Value

Advanced Building Technology

Our approach to Real Estate development relies on technology to combine speed, precision, quality and sustainability, to beat the conventional methods in the market. We have not just perfected delivering quality buildings...

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Design Bouquet Services

The Renewals and Renovation Unit (R2) of Alpha Mead Development Company, AMDC, is an arm of the business that specializes in design, space planning and retrofit of office spaces and residential buildings.

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Real Estate Advisory

AMDC also offers real estate advisory services to selected clients seeking in-depth information about key markets, and the opportunities that exist in them. Our advisory framework follows a structured process...

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