A Professional Network Where Real Estate Agents Earn up to N8m

“Commission” is about the most important word in the Real Estate Agency business. Whatever the agent takes away from each deal, the word “commission” has a different sound bang and feel with Real Estate agents. But we all know it’s a long walk to get to the commission stage in the agency business – from meeting the clients to unending inspections, to negotiations, and sometimes, cancellations. But when the commission finally comes, it soothes the pangs of several days of street toiling and hard haggling.

But what about a Professional agents’ network that gives you unhindered access to over 100,000 clients database and helps you earn up to an annual N8 million additional income, using technology? Sounds great, right!

That’s the new trend in town – it’s called “The 5 Star Agents Network”.

The 5 Star Agent Network is a creation of Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC), designed to empowered Real Estate agents into a professional network that helps them do more, sell more and earn more. AMDC is the developer of the Lekki Pearl Estate – a 112 unit of functional and affordable housing, selling for as low as N250, 000 monthly.

The network plans to bring together top achieving agents within Nigeria’s Real Estate market to harness the power of technology. It is an opportunity for independent agents who are passionate about real estate to align with AMDC for mutually beneficial sales transactions, while leveraging on a platform that helps them build expertise.

The 5 Star Agent Network is a compelling reward programme which includes benefits such as an on-going free professional training and development, a tablet in a move towards mobile and paperless transactions, and even a car for its high-flying agents.

It is a network that offers agents flexibility to choose their working hours and balance their life while earning additional income. A commitment to training and development is at the heart of what sets the network apart.

AMDC will provide an industry-trending curriculum, which will address every aspect of success in real estate agency. We are determined to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring the best tools and technologies are available to our agents.

We realize that today’s success in real estate is all about partnerships, a fresh approach to collaboration is fuelling a new model for success. This is an exciting opportunity coming from AMDC, which is unique to the industry and very much welcomed. Do you have any further questions? Meet us and other professionals on LinkedIn or Tweet at @MyAMDC with the hashtag #5StarAgent

The 5 Star Agent Network is free to join, REGISTER HERE