Lekki Pearl June Development Update

Construction Continues with Installation of Wire/Wall Mesh  

The installation of the wire/wall mesh in preparation for the actual setting up of the form works has commenced and has reached about 70% completion on the ground floors.

Further MEP works has also commenced with various observations being carried out. The positioning of the sockets and pipes, firmness to the iron mesh as well as the precautionary anti-crack bars above the doors and windows level are now being carefully looked into. 

As reported in our previous newsletter, foundation works which commenced on another block of housing unit now has the ground beam reinforcements at 10% completion stage. The sand filling of the in-beam is also at 95% completion stage

The access road to the site is still motorable despite the rains and various works as well as series of load bearing tests are still being done, the current state of the road is worth mentioning as it is now hitting over 80% completion. The backfilling on both sides of the drain has been done and the second course stabilization process would commence shortly as the sub base has achieved the maximum load bearing strength.