Alpha Mead Development Company is a real estate development and advisory firm with strong focus on providing service to middle tier income group in the area of estate development, asset management and real estate advisory. This policy is appropriate to the scope and nature of our operations; the context of our organization and supports its strategic direction.

This policy statement shall provide a framework for the establishment and reviewing of the quality objectives which shall be developed by each process head and approved by top management.

To implement the above policy, Alpha Mead Development Company Ltd has established a Quality Management System with a commitment to ensure the fulfillment of customer(s) satisfaction and all applicable requirements to which the organization subscribes.

AMDC shall monitor its performance regularly and strive for the continual improvement of our services and the QMS processes by constantly reviewing this policy for suitability during management review meetings.

This quality policy statement shall be communicated and understood by all personnel and applied within the organization.

This quality policy shall be available and maintained as documented information and also available to relevant interested parties as appropriate to our organization.