• Advanced Building Solutions

    Of the 10 largest Countries in the world], …Nigeria’s population is currently the seventh largest and growing at the most rapid pace. Consequently, the population of the nation is projected to surpass that of the United States by 2050, at which point it would become the third largest country in the world
    – United Nations World Population Prospect, Revision 2015.

    To manage the attendant potential housing crisis; a faster, more cost-efficient and innovative method of building is important – that’s what AMDC brings to the market!

    Our approach to Real Estate development relies on technology to combine speed, precision, quality and sustainability, to beat the conventional methods in the market. We have not just perfected delivering quality buildings at cost-effective ways; we have gone developed the capability to build homes and assets that suit the lifestyle and financial capacity of our market. Typically, our approach to development features the following:

    • Contemporary design: Giving our desire to build functional living communities, our apartments are designed to come with large patio French windows for good ventilation, and 100mm walls to afford bigger spaces. We also ensure that our developments feature terraces for all rooms and walk-in closet for Master bedrooms, which speak to the lifestyle and comfort of our customers.
    • Off- Grid – As a company dedicated to the comfort, safety and convenience of our customers, we have also developed capacity that takes care of the current power supply challenges in the nation. We have invested and currently powering some of our estates, using solar systems that are environmental friendly and costs 20% less than the main power grid.
    • Quality – Our technology does not just afford the opportunity to give our customers durable Real Estate assets, it also guarantees consistency in design and quality-delivery by offering them straight and parallel lines which are uncommon due to poor craftsmanship evident in Nigeria’s construction industry. Our relationship with partners such as Lafarge and other international affiliations also plays significantly in ensuring our customers get value for money.
    • Speed – In the current market, speed is critical to all stakeholders. Our method of construction, which is a cast-in-situ system, allows us set up the panels along with the mechanical and electrical services, within three days using an average of six personnel. The concrete pour also takes place within a few hours, so the entire construction process can be carried out within seven to 10 days – post foundation – and 30 days for a finished apartment.
    • Environmental Friendliness: This system of construction is not just delivering houses at a faster pace, it also ensures that less construction waste is generated, thereby adding value to our environment and reducing deforestation.

    This approach, alongside the standards, processes, personnel we have committed to this business line, gives us the capacity to deliver range of projects, including: houses, shopping complexes, hostel accommodations, and other types of structures with large units in single or multiple locations.

  • Design Bouquet Services

    We don’t just create livable spaces; we make them efficient and

    Productive by making every Square Meters count! 

    The Renewals and Renovation Unit (R2) of Alpha Mead Development Company, AMDC, is an arm of the business that specializes in design, space planning and retrofit of office spaces and residential buildings.

    We believe in the proper and effective use of space that helps you achieve the maximum value for your piece of real estate.

    Our R2 Services include:

    • Full Turn-Key Solutions of Design, Build and Project Management
    • Design-only Services
    • Space Optimization, Planning & Partitioning of Corporate offices, commercial, and residential buildings.
    • Project Costing
    • Quality Controlled Site Execution


    The R2 Approach

    At R2, our team of architects and detail designers attend site, obtain accurate measurements of the critical areas where the overall dimensions of the units are governed by site sizes, and also identify service and obstructions or factors requiring consideration for parallel or following trades.

    Once detailed information has been compiled and agreed, our design team, in conjunction with specialist suppliers and subcontractors develop and prepare working schedule for the works before drawings are then submitted to our clients for comments and approval.

    This critical and detailed process ensures minimal clashes of finishes/trades on site and it highlights problem areas and details, which can be discussed, and if necessary adjusted at drawing stage.  In particular, it enables the team to coordinate the specialist supply trades essential to efficient manufacturing process for the facility.

    During the development of the drawings, our estimate and surveying professionals monitor costs with the view to keeping cost reconciliation up to date.  Should any adjustment be found necessary due to changes, quantities, or the Client’s requirements, the financial implications would be assessed. Regular applications, including works off site would be submitted in accordance to the contract condition procedures

    The R2 Approach The R2 Approach

    The R2 Approach The R2 Approach

  • Real Estate Advisory

    In uncertain markets, you’d need the right advisers

    Our experience spans guiding a global telecommunications company to a $400 million Real Estate investment in Nigeria.

    AMDC also offers real estate advisory services to selected clients seeking in-depth information about key markets, and the opportunities that exist in them. Our advisory framework follows a structured process of technical, legal, commercial, research and geographical reviews of market conditions that influence Real Estate investment.

    We have also designed sound methodology to reflect the reality of the markets and analyze data from different sources to produce a guide to prospective investors.

  • Asset and Property Management

    We can deploy the right resources and channels that will keep your vacancy ratio below industry statistics.

    As part of our commitment to deliver complete solutions to our clients, we have also established an asset management unit with the core focus of managing physical real estate assets that deliver value to our subscribers and stakeholders.

    This includes helping organizations and investors to improve return on assets with direct impact on bottom line, by skillfully acquiring assets, carrying out thorough Facility Condition Assessments, upgrading the assets and managing it through our ISO-certified Facilities Management arm.

    Our approach runs through developing an asset management plan for each real estate asset, leasing, administrative and dispute resolution, marketing, inspection, lease collection, maintenance, among other offerings.

  • Project Management

    Over 90% of projects fail not for lack of resources, but for lack of Management

    Our Project Management service is a creative blend of initiation, planning, execution, control and reporting of projects from inception to completion. This service is tailored to the size and complexity of any given project – and backed by a corporate commitment for total quality management.

    The scope includes:

    1. Schedules and Budget Evaluations,
    2. Value engineering,
    3. Accuracy checks on cost estimates,
    4. Weighing project alternatives, monitoring and coordination of project.