We don’t just create livable spaces; we make them efficient and

Productive by making every Square Meters count! 

The Renewals and Renovation Unit (R2) of Alpha Mead Development Company, AMDC, is an arm of the business that specializes in design, space planning and retrofit of office spaces and residential buildings.

We believe in the proper and effective use of space that helps you achieve the maximum value for your piece of real estate.

Our R2 Services include:

  • Full Turn-Key Solutions of Design, Build and Project Management
  • Design-only Services
  • Space Optimization, Planning & Partitioning of Corporate offices, commercial, and residential buildings.
  • Project Costing
  • Quality Controlled Site Execution


The R2 Approach

At R2, our team of architects and detail designers attend site, obtain accurate measurements of the critical areas where the overall dimensions of the units are governed by site sizes, and also identify service and obstructions or factors requiring consideration for parallel or following trades.

Once detailed information has been compiled and agreed, our design team, in conjunction with specialist suppliers and subcontractors develop and prepare working schedule for the works before drawings are then submitted to our clients for comments and approval.

This critical and detailed process ensures minimal clashes of finishes/trades on site and it highlights problem areas and details, which can be discussed, and if necessary adjusted at drawing stage.  In particular, it enables the team to coordinate the specialist supply trades essential to efficient manufacturing process for the facility.

During the development of the drawings, our estimate and surveying professionals monitor costs with the view to keeping cost reconciliation up to date.  Should any adjustment be found necessary due to changes, quantities, or the Client’s requirements, the financial implications would be assessed. Regular applications, including works off site would be submitted in accordance to the contract condition procedures

The R2 Approach The R2 Approach

The R2 Approach The R2 Approach